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Art Lessons: first assignment

IMG_3917As an art teacher, I would love to insprie people to take better photographs. So, I am giving you the opportunity to take pictures and send them to me for a personal critique. The assignment is the design element of LINE. This or these should be the dominant featur(s) of your photos. I will give an email address next blog.



Wonderful painting, cold day though

The San Deigo Watercolor Society University Hts Feb SDmeets every Weds. around San Diego. This month, the coordinator decided we would paint at the communities that have arched signs in their downtown areas. This was the first paint out at one of the cities. Everyone else did the view from the right side. I was “left” out, but someone came by and asked if he could buy it. This was fun but it was cold, there was no sun, and no shadows, which makes for better paintings, but I was very pleased with this one.

Blue Skies

Photos 237The sky was blue in California, but the clouds were fabulous! I cannot help myself, they are like sparkling wine, can’t get enough of them on film. This was taken from the sky coming to California with a point and shoot Canon camera. You do not need more than that to capture great images.

TIP: When shooting any subject, try not to place the main object in the center of the picture. Keep it off to one side of the center, or draw imaginary lines as though you were making a tic tac toe board. Place your subject on one of those lines. This is the “rule of thirds”. Even when taking a photo of the horizon, do not place it through the center of the page. Ask yourself, “is the top or the bottom more interesting?” Create a special piece by lowering or raising the horizon line and make it a “far” better image!