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Underexposed but now ready to expose vacation photos

So sorry but I was doing  some major “research” in Cabo, Mexico this last week.  I took loads of pictures on & off the Sapphire Princess cruise, especially for your viewing pleasure. SO here goes–

Slide5Got off the ship in Ensenada, MX. and was immediately drawn to photograph this brilliant yellow structure and the shadows that were cast by the upper cross beams. Mexico is so full of color that my shutter finger hurt when I got back LOL!

Slide6Cannot wait to share  boat pictures as we spent two days in Cabo due to an unfortunate situation. There was a medical emergency on board with one of the passengers, and the Captain turned the ship around and back to a hospital in Cabo San Lucas. So we never made it to Puerto Vallarta, but I am hoping to get some inspiration and paint some of the fabulous scenes from Cabo. We did get to go to Todos Santas (an old town with fabulous buildings anmd a mission surrounded by artist galleries!) and then Santa Maria Bay, where we tried to learn how to snorkel. We really learned how not to drown! Never did get to see the fishes, but they saw my husband and me kicking like crazy as we attempted to use the flippers provided on the catamaran that we went out on.Slide4

These are just a few of my thousands of vacation (to Cabo)pictures and I promise to keep them coming.

The sky, the night when we left, was soooo amazing and as the minutes went by, these extraordinary shots were taken as the sky went rainbowy-red. I did take loads of sunsets and even managed to get up early and take some sunrises!

Keep on taking pictures yourself and painting too. Here’s an assignment:

DeSIGN ELEMENT-      “Shape” (and repeated shape too)

Use your camera or brushes and create work using this topic! Good Luck


Android learning curve is throwing me a curve ball!

TECHNOLOGY SUCKS- and my birthday is tomorrow! (Dec. 7) so DO NOT get me anything that turns on and off unless it makes chocolate appear on call!

Okay, so I was able to figure out how to get Gmail (they should call it Jmail for all the junk I am getting) and see where apps come from, but am frustrated because I do not always achieve downloads. I want to do some artwork and my daughter-in-law was able get some apps so I can fool around with one of the programs. HAHA, sounds easy, no?  I was able to get one set up. Sketching is about all I have gotten onto my new Android tablet. I even splurged and bought a stylus. I put word out to my art buddies and have been getting some ideas for apps that will provide me with some creative outlets.

The tablet I got was on sale and I think it is an older version and is very slow. It is so portable and light that I really want to use it more than my laptop. I did get a larger (9″) screen so maybe I could take pictures and do my photography plus have a rather large memory in it to do so. I do find it a little ridiculous that the camera in it only faces me instead of me being able to see and compose a photograph. So Skype only I guess.  Well, in my opinion, this is an expensive, additive game playing thingy. Someone, please tell me what I am doing cause this isn’t making my life easier!

And- now I have concluded that tablets are not substitutes for a camera. To my friends and family, some of them know that I accidentally dropped my new Canon power shot in the toilet one day and am upset that I cannot find a point and shoot camera with a one-handed grip. They stopped making it and I realized that I have to replace my favorite one as the meter is not working half the time now.

If you have any ideas, please fill me in because I feel like a real jerk ’cause I cannot figure this out and I have to go because the app DOTS and UNILINGO are so addicting that my daughter and I fight for the darn tablet every night now! We are raising the bar of people becoming attached to their devices and now I am one of them! And I do not own an Iphone.