Is it black and white, or shades of gray?

When we go to workshops and art classes, the teachers always talk about values. There are thirteen values from black to white (1-13, with 7 being the mid gray tone), I go to Home Depot and get the paint chips and check values that way. If something needs to be darker, paint it so, and visa versa.Slide1 Slide2 Slide3 Slide4

Well, in my crazy photography of shadows and things that aren’t there, the values are very obvious. I was just talking with an artist who said his one eye is only seeing light and shadows now and I teased him and said he was lucky, we have to figure out what the darkest dark is and the lightest light and then balance them in a photo or a painting. So here are some black and whites. There is not a huge variety of values in many but the lines and curves are what I enjoy and placing them in the view finder of the camera just right is what I am after. My daughter always accuses me of slowing up our walks and errand runs because I stop to take pictures all the time. Oh well, I like my weird pictures and I had an art teacher who thought I should paint them. I am not crazy about abstract art, so I am not running to do that, just capturing it is enough for me right now.

But my art is getting a liltle more black and white so who knows?

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