Light can do some amazing things & light up your life!

Slide3Since I have been talking about whites, let’s take it into photography now.

Capturing light is one thing, depending on the time of day or even night. Back lighting brings an interest to photos.



Slide2Light can also add things where there is nothing. I always look for weird shapes projected on walls or little peeks of contrast on leaves that make it way more interesting to look at.


Slide4When shadows are there for the taking, capturing the repeated shapes within the picture plane is exciting. Look at the length of the shadow from the gate and the shape of the tree on the wall. None of these are there but the casted shadows are so cool.When the sun peeks through it adds shapes, or you can use an archway to enhance the light. The time of day can create a mood if you can cepture it. Night time can also add drama and go back to my post about moving your camera when your batteries are low. Create your own abstracts.

So, go towards the light and light up your life. You might produce some light harded smiles gleam!Slide1

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