Some exciting news for me


Opening reception: July 5, 2014

I was asked to have a show in San Diego finally. The Carmel Valley Library has a fabulous wall and some showcases and I intend on filling them up. Here is the postcard and handout I am working on. I love doing graphics, although in college hated doing stuff like that.

I may be including too much, but I am hopeful that people will love my artwork and save the flier. Then maybe when looking to purchase art, they will think of me.


I went to Michael’s and got a lot of frames so I can do the entire wall like a checkerboard. What do you think? Too much when you see art side-by-side?


If you live in San Diego, here is the address. 3919 Townsgate Dr, San Diego, CA 92130 (off the 5 after Sorrento Valley). (858) 552-1668  I will have goodies for breakfast treats if you are able to join us.

Here is my bio so far- back cover:

PENNI RUBIN: artist/teacher
At six years old, Penni copied the Old Masters and
created an art museum diorama. People could not
believe that someone so young could replicate fine
art in such a manner. From then on, her parents
enrolled her in art lessons. . She discovered that we find
our vocational interests at age 7 and compiled her original
songs & created a play “At Seven the Musical.” As an Enrichment Specialist,
Penni continues to create discovery WONDERlabs for
children that integrate science, art, math & music (SAM).
She gives private art lessons, designs parties, & writes
the blog for the S D Watercolor Society (
Penni has designed dishes and wallpaper, trains teachers,
and enjoys doing plein air painting. She is passionate and
is considered the ultimate masterful teacher to this day!

Inside info in the little pamphlet:

PENNI RUBIN: Artist/Art Teacher /Enrichment Specialist
Watercolors, gouache, acrylics and photography.
A colorful, multi-talented person who also writes
books & blogs. Rubin is a photography judge, an Interior
Designer, & teaches both children and adults. She paints
many subjects to capture the rapture, or rooster!

EDUCATION: Parsons School of Design, NY Fashion Institute of Technology, Cleveland Institute of Art, Tri-C College, Cleve., OH (Assoc. Early Childhood Ed), Capital University, BA Education,,continues online at

SHOWS: Butler Institute of Art
“Scene It”Libraries in Cleve. OH
“See the Music”- Libraries in Cleve.
“Good Gouache” Shaker in Residence
“Photos a ‘moré” Shaker Hts., OH
La Bonheur Children’s Hospital Memphis, TN
San Diego Watercolor Society, SD County Fair,
Elijah’s Deli in La Jolla, CA

“Why is the Sky Blue?”
“Math in Motion”
“Connec-TABLE Science”
“Science in the Sandbox”
“What’s Under Your Feet?” (USGS)
“Mommy I Have Nothing To Do” Book
Crazy Daze CD…….. and others


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